Dachshunds in the pool.
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Dachshund loves to cuddle
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6 playing dachshund puppies
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Dachshunds are digging on the beach.
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Dachshunds Digging on the Beach Dachshunds are known for their digging instincts and they especially enjoy digging in the sand. However, digging is not an activity for all dachshunds, so you should set up a special digging area for your pet. A sandbox would be a great place for this purpose. It would also help if you place some favorite toys in the sand for your dog to dig into.

A day in the life of our mini Dachshunds and family.
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A Day in the Life of Mini Dachshunds Dachshund puppies are curious, active, and ready to explore the world. It's important to get them socialized with children as soon as possible. Even though they make great house pets, they also need a daily walk and plenty of companionship. If you aren't able to take them for walks, they can become lonely and bark excessively. Herbie is very affectionate and enjoys spending time with the family. Kids are not afraid of him and are encouraged to play with him. She loves to cuddle with them and chase after them in the garden. She also gets excited when they wake up and wants to greet them. The Dachshund is part of the scent hound family. Their elongated bodies, long spine, and paddle-shaped paws make them excellent hunters. This trait makes them good at chasing badgers and other small animals. They are also pro diggers. Dachshunds are playful and energetic dogs. They can live up to fifteen years. However, dachshunds are not suitable for families with small children. Their long bodies and short legs can cause them to injure themselves. Therefore, they should be handled carefully. Dachshunds are protective and loyal. However, they can be stubborn. If you push them too far, they can become irritable and even defensive. Therefore, it is important to make sure they know who is in charge. It's best to introduce a dachshund slowly.

After Years of Eating Fast Food, Rescued Obese Daschund is Losing Weight
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After Years of Eating Fast Food and Junk Food, a Rescue Daschund is Losing Weight After years of fast food and junk food, a rescue dog has shed his extra weight. Vincent, a Dachshund who weighed 38 pounds when he was rescued, is now on the road to reaching his goal weight. His foster mom suspects that Vincent's previous owners fed him a diet high in junk food. For a successful weight loss program, dachshunds need to maintain their normal eating schedule and exercise. A veterinarian will recommend a diet plan to help overweight dogs lose weight. A weight loss diet for dogs often contains fewer calories per serving. A diet for an obese daschund can be very difficult for a dachshund. They may act like they're starving and whine for more food. To avoid this, owners may choose to substitute part of a meal with a low-calorie, fiber-rich diet. An unhealthy diet can have many adverse health effects on dogs. It can shorten their lives, aggravate arthritis, and reduce their quality of life. To help them lose weight, a dog's diet should include lots of vegetables and whole grains.

How an experienced dog mother teaches her 8 weeks old puppies to be calm.
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How an Experienced Dog Mother Teachs Her 8 Weeks Old Puppies to Be Calm Rosalie, a female shepherd with four litters of puppies, is an expert at teaching her puppies to be calm. She has experienced giving birth four times and knows what to expect when the puppies act out. In this video, Rosalie shows her 8-week-old puppies how to be calm. The puppies immediately begin to calm down and respect Rosalie's authority. A good way to start teaching your puppy to be calm is to introduce it to a stuffed toy, and let him play with it. This will help him distinguish between soft and hard biting, which is necessary for the development of hunting and chasing instincts. When you first bring your puppy home, it is important not to punish him by placing him in a crate. A video of a dog mother teaching her eight-week-old puppies to be calm has gone viral, and it's been shared on Reddit's "Made Me Smile" forum. The clip features a blonde golden retriever mother walking into an enclosure containing eight pups. The puppies started to squabble over each other in order to suckle the teats from her. The mother tolerated this behavior for a moment, but eventually started to shoo them away. As the puppies grow, they should be weaned. The mother dog will usually wean the puppies from her presence between the third and twelfth week of life. During this time, the puppies will explore their surroundings and begin to compete with their siblings. Their moms will step in and make sure their pups are safe, while encouraging their independence as they mature.

Playful dachshund puppies.
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Playful Dachshund Puppies Dachshunds are playful, loving dogs that need exercise daily. If you don't give them the exercise they need, they can develop behavioral issues, including destructiveness. As such, you must have plenty of space to exercise them, either outdoors or in a yard. You can also train them to perform certain commands, including sit, stay, come, and down. For the best results, reward them with treats or toys when they demonstrate good behavior. Dachshunds can suffer from a variety of health conditions, including heart disease. These illnesses cause congestive heart failure and arrhythmias, which make blood flow difficult. Symptoms of heart disease vary, but you must seek veterinary care if your dog experiences any of them. As with any puppy, dachshunds are happy and playful when they are young. As they get older, they can become laid back and less excitable. If you have a dachshund that is not playful, it is likely that he is unhappy and depressed. Dachshunds are not aggressive by nature, but they do get aggressive when threatened. They are protective of their owners and may attack other dogs. As such, you should train them around other animals and children. Although dachshunds are generally docile, they can get stuck underneath items or hurt themselves while playing.